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Sad Demise of Dr. Jagneswar Saha

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In Memory of Dr. Jagneswar Saha, D.O.
January 1, 1940 - August 30, 2021

We regretfully announce the passing of Dr. Jagneswar Saha, a long time Bichitra patron, on August 30, 2021.

The funeral puja that will be live streamed on Thursday 9/2/21 at 10:30am EST. Please click on the following link to watch the funeral puja:

Jagneswar Saha was born on January 1, 1940 in Noakhali, Bangladesh. He was the youngest son of eight children from parents Ananda and Hemalata Saha. He grew up in a rural area where as a young boy he enjoyed net fishing in the nearby lake and playing badminton. He graduated from Norottam Pur High School and Comilla Victoria Government College in Bangladesh.

After completing college, Dr. Saha taught at a University in Agartala, India. It was there he was introduced to Sabita for an arranged marriage. Dr. Saha and Sabita moved to America after he was accepted for a grant to Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, to complete a PhD in Biochemistry.

Dr. Saha was a teacher at Michigan State University when he entered into the MSU Doctor of Osteopath program to pursue a career as a physician. He was a graduate of the first ever MSU D.O. graduating class. He then began his medical career as a D.O. physician in the emergency room at Detroit Osteopathic Hospital in Highland Park, Michigan. He eventually developed a solo family practice, where he provided excellent medical care to multiple generations of families in the metro Detroit area.

Dr. Saha later married his second wife Kamala. They enjoyed weekly social functions with various Bengali cultural organizations, took yearly trips to India, and vacationed to see many shows and tourist attractions.

As a family man, Dr. Saha worked hard to care for his immediate family, and his family in Bangladesh. He was eternally grateful for the opportunity he was given to come to the United States to achieve the higher education and career that allowed him to provide for his family. He will always be remembered for his kind eyes, broad smile, and welcoming arms.

Dr. Saha is survived by his three daughters with Sabita (Shampa, Pampa, and Samira), Kamala’s children who became his own (son Milan and daughter Neelam), 4 grandchildren (Lila, Gavin, Ronan, and Ty), and his two younger sisters in Bangladesh (Jharna and Joshna).

Dr. Saha. was a patron of Bichitra. He supported Bichitra in many of its programs for many decades. He had many friends and well-wishers in our community. Bichitra sends our deepest condolences and sympathies to Dr. Saha’s family. May his soul rest in peace.

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