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Sad demise of Pradip Chatterjee

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With heavy heart, we announce today the death of Pradip Chatterjee. Pradip was 72 years old when he passed away, just three days shy of the 41st anniversary of his arrival to the United States. 

He was a proud and kind man who expressed his love by being a consummate host - feeding and entertaining people from all walks of life. His hard work, perseverance, and success as an electrical engineer allowed his family to enjoy life in so many ways - like traveling the world. 

Ultimately, Pradip's legacy will live on through those who survived him: Barnali Chatterjee (wife), Dipanjan Chatterjee (son), Britta Chatterjee (daughter-in-law), Dev Chatterjee (grandson), and Aadiya Chatterjee (granddaughter) and by many of you - by recalling a fond memory of him. 

Although grateful for any flowers or gifts the family may receive, they kindly prefer donations to the Hindu Temple of Canton or the Ramakrishna Mission in Pradip's name.

Above all, the family welcomes all forms of prayer and positive energy as they grieve his passing.

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