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GEMS – Science and Math Classes

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GEMS – Science and Math Classes – On-line and in-person

GEMS is an enrichment program that promotes math and science skills in grade 1-8 students. The program emphasizes excellence in mathematics, science, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking skills starting from a young age. We strive to prepare our students for competitive exams and help them ace standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. As students make progress, they gain high standardized test scores and better grades in school, which leads to more self-confidence and enhanced self-esteem. Our ultimate goal is to equip students with the skills they need to be successful in their education and gain admission to high-caliber schools and universities in the future. 

At GEMS, we believe that every student is like a gem with unlimited potential and their skills needs to be chiseled to shine. With a well-structured curriculum for each grade and guidance of experienced teachers we help students:

The math program is designed for elementary and middle school students to: 
» Achieve excellence in math
» Participate in and perform well in math competitions (AMC 8, GAUSS, CML, MOEMS [Math Olympiad], etc.)
» Develop analytical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques
» Creatively apply math concepts to real life scenarios
» Develop intuitive and logical thinking patterns
» Build mental math capabilities

The science program is designed for elementary and middle school students to:
» Compete in science competitions, such as Invention Convention, CML, Science Olympiads, and NSF.
» Excel in science Fairs – local, regional, state, national science fairs (e.g., Broadcom Masters, SEFMD, MI State, and ISEF)
» Build foundational skills that they will later use for standardized tests such as ACT, SAT, and SAT subject exams  
» Bridge the divide between middle school courses tougher high school AP courses

Other benefits of joining GEMS include:
» Constant assessment and progress tracking to keep you abreast of your child’s progress
» Simultaneous learning of multiple concepts
» Abundant quality study materials
» Small class sizes for personalized attention for your child
» Experienced and knowledgeable teachers
» Experience discipline, team work, and innovation
» Inspiration towards a STEM career
» Binders provided to all students to keep worksheets, scorecard, tips and tricks etc.
» Awards/Encouragement are provided throughout the year
» Annual Award Ceremony at the end of the year
» Teachers to conduct a meeting once per session with parents
» Competition schedule will be published in advance
» All students take the tests
» Support, guidance, special classes for students qualifying for state/national level
» Build confidence to ask/answer questions, encourage class participation
» Connect like-minded parents with each other

The best way to check if GEMS is right for your child is to come in for a placement exam evaluation where your child's knowledge base will be assessed to help find the best initial fit. Please email or call at (313) 308-5616 to ask any questions or to schedule a test for your child. 

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