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Shri Prasad Bhat (Panditji)

Hindu Temple
44955 Cherry Hill Road
Canton MI 48188
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Phone: 734-981-8730
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Priestly services for all occassions
Shri Prasad Bhat (Panditji) is The Hindu Temple's  senior priest who joined the temple in March 2003. Pandit Ji is a very well trained in Vedic philosophy from Maharshi Veda Vigjana Vidya Peeth, Theerthahalli, in Karnataka State. Pandit ji belongs to a family of priests and very well qualified to perform all the Poojas, Havans, Wedding any other rituals in North and South India Traditions. Pandit ji started his Vedic education at early age of 12,from Mahalinga Upadhyaya and he joined Maharshi University for his advanced Studies. He is well qualified in Sanskrit also. He has been associated with several temples Back in India. Pandit ji was honored with prestigious titles like ''Veda Murthi'' and ''Samhita Paathi'. Pandit ji has a reverberating, rich, deep voice which creates a divine atmosphere during his Pooja and chanting.

 Fluent in :  English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Tulu

 Working Knowledge : Malayalam, Gujarati and Sanskrit

 Other qualifications : Teaching Vedas, Singing Bhajans

 Phone: 734-981-8730

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