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ChaiConnect - ChaiKids Event at Bharatiya Temple

  • Date Sun Sep 19 2021
  • Venue
    Bharatiya Community Library - Bharatiya Temple
    6850 N. Adams Road, Troy, MI 48098
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  • Description
    Founded in 2018, ChaiConnect began as a community space for South Asian women centered around community, conversation and chai. Since then, ChaiConnect has evolved into a space inclusive of all genders & ethnic backgrounds. We strategically utilize the "mirrors & windows" concept (popularly used in literature) to develop our programs. For example, ChaiKids programs serve as a "mirror" for South Asian children to "see" themselves in the program & a "window" for non-South Asian children to look through, learn a new perspective & learn about the South Asian culture.

    We invite you to visit to learn more about our offerings, such as our signature programs & motherhood group. We offer a range of programs & we also held the first of its kind South Asian Women's Health Conference last summer.

    We welcome you to attend ChaiKids, our child and caregiver program, held at the Bharatiya Community Library. Please visit to register. Registration is required to attend and class size is limited to 8 families, with 1 caregiver from each family. Please follow the Bharatiya Temple safety guidelines posted at the main entrance.

    ChaiKids provides accessible and culturally relevant programming to the community, and we are honored to offer meaningful learning experiences to children and caregivers. Our ChaiKids programs incorporate storytime, arts, crafts, music and/or other kid-friendly activities to teach culture and values in a fun way.

    Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021
    4:30-5:00pm | Birth-24 months
    5:15-5:45pm | 24-36 months
    Location: Bharatiya Community Library | Bharatiya Temple | 6850 N. Adams Road, Troy, MI 48098


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