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GLAC - MadRasana Virtual Festival: December Season 2020

  • Date Fri Dec 18 2020 - Wed Dec 23 2020
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    Did someone say December Season already? 2020 has been an interesting year and GLAC has been offering a variety of unique events virtually. GLAC's long time partner, MadRasana has been organising Music festival during the Marghazhi Music season of Chennai which is considered the largest music festival in the world - with over 4000 concerts happening in a span of 45 days every year. 

    GLAC Early Bird:  Once again, GLAC is the *only* organization giving its patrons a 25% discount when you sign up for the 'Madrasana Virtual Festival 2020' for a limited time Each concert has been carefully curated in a different natural outdoor setting with ambient sound (birds chirping, rain drops, waterflows etc.) included in HD 4K video. 

    While all organizers are scrambling to presenting a festival online, most of them are absolutely new to this space. GLAC is partnering with MadRasana -- a pioneer in this space and known for providing the best audio and visual content online. A one of a kind experience this December!!

    All GLAC rasikas get a 25% discount from the base price only $75

    Enter the discount code MADLYGLAC25 for a 25% discount

    Musically yours,

    Team GLAC
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