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Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh presents Surya Namaskar Yajna

  • Date Sat Jan 16 2021 - Sun Jan 31 2021
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    Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh provides a common platform for all Hindu's to practice and promote Hindu Dharma and culture. The Swayamsevaks (volunteers) come together in a weekly meeting (Shakha) and learn about two basic foundation values:

    Sewa - (Selfless Service): The thought of giving back to the society and community without any expectation of getting something in return. One of the key aspects of this value is to put others above the self.
    Sanghatan (Coming together): Unity is a key to success and with team work, achieving a common goal becomes easy.

    All these samskaras (values) are taught using fun filled games, stories, slokas, songs, bhajans. 

    One exciting event that we are conducting is Ratri Katha for children between 5-14 years - 

    Some of the key community programs include:

    Local Contacts:
    Raj Chandu Ji (Troy) - (704) 281-2206
    Vijay Ji (Novi) - (248) 787-2735
    Ruchita Ji (Canton) - (313) 585-4519


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