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OMKARA Nights - Open Mic & Karaoke Music Event

  • Date Fri Feb 21 2020
  • Venue
    Birmingham, MI
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  • Description
    Our vision is to celebrate each other's music with dignity and culture, never to compete.  

    Join us for enchanted nights of Indian and international live music like never before. Watch amazing local talent perform their hearts out for you.  Or hum along and help your team win the wild and creative musical games like Antakshari, Mukhda-mash, Ek mai aur Ek Tu, Jigsong Puzzle, non-stop medleys, sing-alongs and more.  

    No parking fee...
    Complimentary pizza and snacks/refreshments
    No long queues..
    No celebrity diva attitudes..
    No jostling with riff-raff..
    What's not to love?  

    Register via and join us for a very memorable evening of music, friendship and great memories!


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