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Current Project - An Appeal by the EMU India ALUM Group for COVID-19 RELIEF

As on/off-campus jobs are put on hold, EMU students of Indian origin are facing fear and anxiety not only about their future but also about their immediate daily necessities like food, utilities, rent. The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world and it’s no different with our EMU graduate F1 students. Far away from home, amid their education and some of whom have just graduated, the scene is not the greatest and the future is uncertain. A small group of EMU alumni have come together to raise funds to help the cause.

The EMU India Relief Fund will help provide relief to the students in dire situations. The team is collaborating with the Indian Student Association at EMU to understand the current needs. This relief effort is in partnership with Miindia Foundation, a seasoned and reputed organization helping and serving the community since 2005.

This is an honest appeal to the community and friends to lend a helping hand. The current focus and ask is mainly for monetary donations that would help provide care packages, offset some rent and utility costs for a temporary period.

Monetary donations: All donations will be given to Indian students at EMU for buying groceries, paying utility bills and rent. Indian Student Association at EMU will provide transparency in terms of where and how the funds are being utilized. Donate here.

Career: Please join our LinkedIn group “Eastern Michigan University Club India”. The objective of this group is to bring the EMU Alumni of Indian origin together to expand the professional and social network that could help students with any job or internship opportunities.

Training: If anyone is willing to share their knowledge on any IT/Business topics, that will help these grads out, please reach out to us. The volunteer team will setup and coordinate an online session. Any free or discounted professional training options are also welcome.

In partnership with Miindia Foundation

As you may have heard on the news, the Edenville Dam and the Sanford Dam in central Michigan have collapsed, causing extreme flooding and displacing over ten thousand Michigan residents from their homes. In addition to the flooding, Michigan has also been hit with heavy rain, contributing to the severe water damage already present.

With COVID-19 still a prevalent issue to the country and Michigan in particular, these families are extremely struggling during this time. While the federal and state government are assisting Midland, it may be a while before families can cater to their own individual needs during this time.

The students on this project wanted to come together and raise funds for care packages that we can deliver to the families in conjunction with the Christian Celebration Center located in Midland, MI

Our initial goal is to raise $2000 to support 100 families. We would very much love and appreciate your support. Please donate generously and reach out to us if any questions at Thank you for your contribution and prayers!

What Care Packages will include:
» Canned goods/non-perishable items: oatmeal, canned fruit, pasta, bottled water, etc.
» Snacks for children: rice krispies, granola bars, etc.
» Hygiene products: masks, hand sanitizers, female hygiene products.
» School supplies for children who are displaced: pencils, markers, erasers, etc.

Our donations will go to the Christian Celebration Center for families and communities living in Edenville, Sanford and Midland.

Ananya Varre
Varun Varre
Taneesh Sebastian
Tim Chalom
Jordan Yonce
Nate Alger
Kennedy Franklin
Varun Varre
Sebastian Family
Nicole Panther
Jessica Skaff
Vadlamudi Family
Mangipudi Family
Viji Jambunathan
Kevin Carmichael
Lasya Marla
Pavani Pennathur
Shenika Plantegenest
Hanah Parag
Craig DeClerck
Joanna Colovas
Camille Czarny
Keean Dolan
Suneet Singh
Becca Albert
Thiru Arumugam
Cade Heikes
Meghana Cheeti
Britney Bawar
Aastha Bahl
Mala Sharma
Nikitha Movva
Kirti Aplash
Vishal Balyan
Kyle Lee
Haven Damewood
Daniella Bond
Kaitlyn Hao
Ananyaa Kumar
Srikanth Chalasani
Smaya Yarlagadda
Subramanium Pennathur
Vikram Sehgal
Bailey Bowcutt
Sneha Matthew
Akhil Arora
Meghana Gireddy
Noshin Khan
Ashley D’Souza
Mona Sashital
Lauren Grasso
Kavitha Ponduri
Nick Fites
Ye Ming Cui
Sahil Tolia
Serena Wang
Danny Hickey
Bassel Yassine
Lauren Walls
Margaret Yang
Derek Wen
Andrea Johanson
Srilatha Rao
Rachel Warnicke
Ananya B
Arul Mollin
Megha Patel
Neil Parikh
Amrita Umamaheswaran
Elizabeth Shakevich
Shravya Chanamolu
Junaid Javed
Ankita Chittiprolu
Neerav Chapalamadugu
Abigail Dejene
Tommy McGowan
Jordan Yonce
Rachel Amai
Nick Maiz
Esha Garg
Mary Kate Greene
Kennedy Franklin
Maria De Fortuny
Charlotte Krause
Aisha Narayan
Akila Nallbelli
Marissa Cortright
Nimmagadda Family
Challa Family
Sujit Bajaj
Nikhil Rachamadugu
Meet Patel
Grace Bright
Meet Patel
Grace Bright
Sana Latif
Andrew Ferdig
Karli Monahan
Mason Gill
Olivia Grasso
Reece Whiteman
Cole DeBerry
Ambika Salwan
Madison Wheeler
Alec Escandon
Austin Cornish
Brandon Westfall
Eli Cross
Paul Gauss
Alaina Haller
Reilley warner
Elaina Monroe
Grace Yeoman
Karli Monahan
Amy Grasso
Brian Beach
Akhil Arora
Sarayu Dandamudi
Saamiya Surti
Shreya Nagarkar
Palak Sharma
Nikila Nallabelli
Sandra Vasudevan
Sadia Ahmed
Neha Challa
Shivapriya Chandu
Deepika Baskar
Krithi Jaligama
Pam Matthews
Andrew and Wendy Franklin
Nell Peters
Fran Yonce
Balakrishnan Rao
Nicole Matthews-Creech
Barbara Lowry
Sheri Kaufmann
The Drummond Family
Fran Dsouza
Suneel Dsouza
William Kinney
Emily SeGraves

Partnering Organizations:


Current Project - Over 1,000 Community Care packages delivered to Seniors in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Wayne

Recognizing that Senior Citizens with limited resources and living in underserved cities were seriously impacted by COVID-19, SAAVI (South Asian American Voices for Impact) and miindia Foundation initiated an effort to provide care packages. With support from dedicated volunteers including a number of children and contributions from local organizations the program has delivered 1,050 care packages through the first week of June.

The care packages included breakfast food, fruit cans, oatmeal, gloves, masks, sanitizers and more. Volunteers spent significant number of hours shopping for the contents and also assembling the bags. Kids from Balagokulam also inserted hand-written notes to the recipients.

DIWA (Detroit Indian Women’s Association) provided the cloth masks. IGGF (The International Geeta Gurukul Foundation) provided infrastructure and delivery support.

Kudos to volunteers from SAAVI, DIWA, IGGF and Balagokulam to make this effort possible with their time and dedication.

The feed-back received from the seniors has been excellent. The program is likely to continue through the coming months.

Care package deliveries were coordinated through the following organizations:
» New Home Church, Wayne
» Qualifying Clarkeston Elementary families, Detroit Public Schools
» Tricity Community Development, Detroit
» Sterling Heights Senior Services
» Grand Rapids Senior Services
» Flint underserved communities

Current Project - Meals for Healthcare Heroes

With support from various organizations, individuals and groups “Meals for Healthcare Heroes” program was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that is gripping our city, state and nation. Several healthcare workers have been working long hours with limited medical supplies. The least we could do is offer a good meal. #mealsforhealthcareheroes

Program Cost:
» Program costs vary by number of people served at a location. Average cost of each meal is $8 Plus.

Groups of friends may pool together and sponsor the program as well. We will publish the names of all donors. Donor organizations and Individual names will be listed under each meal served in the Program Updates section along with pictures. will keep the list updated.

How do I participate?
Michigan Indian community organizations and individuals are invited to participate in an effort to show our solidarity and appreciation for the healthcare workforce in Michigan. The sponsor can contact to mobilize a plan to ensure our healthcare workers facing long hours are able to continue accessing nutritious food during this crisis.

Click here to Contribute»


Previous Project - Cyclone Gaja Relief

On November 16th 2018 killer cyclone Gaja made landfall on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu.  News reports indicate that the damage caused to life and property is severe.  The beautiful farming and fishing villages in the areas around Vedaranyam, Velankanni, Nagapattinam, Pudukottai and Thanjavur have been severely affected. 

Winds in excess of 140 KM (90 miles) have brought down homes, electric poles and trees throughout the area.  Road connectivity has also been impaired.   News reports are now trickling in with more reports on the extent of damage.

Here is the update from local Michigan residents with friends and family in the affected areas:

Direct information Damaged areas have no electricity or drinking water. Thousands of homes have been destroyed (only concrete structures have survived. Help is needed to provide survival kits (water, biscuits, napkins etc), equipment to cut the trees and hand-operated water pumps.  Coconut farms with mature trees have been flattened. Fishermen have all lost their livelihood because their boats have been destroyed. It will take a lot of effort and time for the residents to get back on their feet.

They need our help. Individuals and Non-Governmental organizations are now engaged in the relief efforts to ensure that relief is rendered fast. 

Please make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking the button below:
We will make every effort to ensure that the funds are deployed to directly help the needy.

You may also send donations directly (this works best if you want to transfer from an Indian bank account)
SBI Bank – Annamalai Branch
Account:  10977876696
IFSC – SBIN0002194
The organization is approved to receive funds from foreign accounts. 

Previous Project - KERALA FLOOD RELIEF
The devastation due to unprecedented rains and floods have affected millions of Kerala residents.
On behalf of the Michigan Indian community we are requesting you to contribute generously.

All your contributions will be forwarded to the victims through appropriate channels.

Days of torrential rain and flooding has thrown Chennai out of gear as the city is facing the worst monsoon that the metropolitan area has seen in 100 years. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, had a record downpour in the last 48 hours, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). That means the rains in Chennai this year have been more than double the average rainfall in previous monsoons. Miindia Foundation created to support and help victims of natural disasters has stepped forward to help the people in distress. You can contribute online or by mailing your checks to Miindia Foundation, PO Box 871171, Canton 48187.

Total funds collected with Miindia Foundation: $9000
Total Expenses projected: $17,000
Amount spent:
$4000 – Thiruvallur (500 families belonging to SC/ST)
$5000 – Corporation schools – infrastructure
$4000 – Stationary, Food packets, Water, blankets
$4000 minimum – infrastructure and rehab for 100 families (Ground volunteers are currently researching the needs and procuring estimate)

TANA along with Miindia Foundation collected 3000 kgs of clothes for Mudichur, Selaiyur and Thiruvallur and other villages. The shipment is in transit. Please stay tuned for pictures and updates.

Thank you to all the sponsors, patrons, family and friends who have contributed selflessly for the Chennai Flood Relief.

Please email any questions to
For updates and questions on Chennai Relief Efforts, please email

Our Shipping Partner:


Thank you to the donors of the Nepal Earthquake Relief. April 2015 - The catastrophic earthquake touched Nepal and devastated homes, temples, hospitals and monuments. Thousands were seeking medical help. Millions of people have lost everything and were looking for food and shelter. Miindia Foundation has been working with a Relief Team (directly in supplying the basic essentials to individuals and families) lead by John Chhetri and team. Miindia Foundation in collaboration with the Detroit Friends Circle raised over $6000. Click here to read the entire story»

Miindia Foundation was formed in 2005 following the massive Tsunami tragedy in South East Asia. Over $25,000 was raised in three weeks to help the survivors of the tragedy in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. By coordinating with the local Rotary Clubs the funds were channeled directly to the affected people.

Miindia Foundation is engaged in a number of charitable activities in Michigan with several local and international grass roots organizations. Funds are disbursed to needy kids in the greater Detroit area with a special focus on education for homeless kids. The Foundation also supports victims of domestic abuse and disseminating information to help new immigrants assimilate better. Foundation raised funds to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake and Chennai Floods.

Miindia Foundation is committed to ensuring that all of the donations directly benefit the needy with NO depletion of funds to support administrative costs.

Miindia Foundation is an IRS approved 501 © (3) organization ID # 20-2186530. All contributions are tax-deductible under IRS rules.


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