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DTS is looking for Technical Writer   for our direct client position in Lansing,MI.
Required skills
•	Experience in coordinating or leading training efforts for end users within the context of a large software implementation project.
•	Experience documenting business processes, including visual depictions of such processes.
•	Experience generating process mapping (As-Is and To-Be maps)
•	Experience working with information technology teams while implementing new processes involving new software.
•	Experience in identifying project risks and assisting in the resolution of project issues.
•	Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
•	Experience using Microsoft Visio for creating business process diagrams.
•	Expert verbal and written communication with clients and project staff in English.

Desired skills
•	Experience in formulating business processes to account for the implementation of new software technology.
•	Experience in working with business process re-engineering professionals.
•	Experience working within a large IT project team
•	Experience working within projects involving vendor owned, designed, and hosted solutions.

Please forward your resume to
Contact Rajesh@ 248-479-6072

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