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ISKCON 2.186
Posted : Oct 16 02:10 AM
ISKCON temple attacked by mob; devotee's body found in pond
ISKCON temple and devotees were violently attacked by a mob of over 200 people in Noakhali, Bangladesh. "Temple suffered significant damage," ISKCON tweeted, adding, "We call on the Government of Bangladesh to ensure the safety of all Hindus and bring the perpetrators to justice." The body of a devotee was found in a pond next to the temple.
Posted : Oct 16 08:10 AM
Indira Gandhi lead the war for liberation of Bangladesh. We were fool to support her war initiative. We are<br/>getting fruits for sacrificing Indian soldiers. At least 1000 died in 1971 war.
kr 29.31
TA 8.183
Posted : Oct 16 09:49 AM
kr : totally agree. well said
Posted : Oct 17 06:55 AM
Well said. The Porki_Army was killing these Bengali muslims like flies in 1971. We should have let them finish the job. Ungrateful maggots.
John 1.234
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