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LOL 3.178
Posted : Jan 16 10:28 AM
Isnt hiding identity and philosophy of a terrorist by Govts and Media mafia
a tacit support to such terrorism? Texas incident is clearly an act caused by islamic philosophy as documented in Koran, isn't it? The culprit must have been a muslim. Deliberately hiding these people shows the political set up including fake news media, FBI etc are helping them. So sickening.
Posted : Jan 16 11:30 AM
Now they are being cornered for not disclosing his identity or philosophy driving his act of terror. Now these bureacratic crooks are presenting him as "British National" in an attempt to moderate the impact of this being an Islamic terror attack in USA by a person of Pakistani origin. Britain is already more like a Pakistan Occupied Territory with a Paki Islamist being London Mayor.
Spin news 29.26
Illegal 1.189
Posted : Jan 16 14:04 PM
May be he is a illegal immigrant and Biden admin is trying to cover up his identity for political reasons, bc he had open border policy and this might back fire on him. Not sure
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