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Posted : Jun 29 08:44 AM
Jalsa and Adithi Indian Restaurant replacement
What is the name of the new restaurant that replaced Jalsa? Not one restaurant is successful in that location. Adithi was very good. But poor management made them close the place.
Posted : Jun 29 10:56 AM
eat frozen food from Haldiram, Deep , Vadilal and others
HARI 17.97
kr 2.118
Posted : Jun 29 15:22 PM
frozen foods from Deep/Swad/Haldiram/MTR are good choice. Uniform quality more options. Easy to prepare at home. Restaurants are traditional/ varying tastes. Eat at Buffets, the food is cold and waste money. Sunday go to Temple. Donate and freshly made food.
Posted : Jun 30 12:44 PM
Sunday go to temple and eat fresh food. I like that.
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