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Siddharth Ramachandran 5.150
Posted : May 15 07:53 AM
Prescription for Oxygen Concentrators

I’m planning to send an oxygen concentrator to India but would require a written prescription for the supplier to be able to sell to me.

I’ve mentioned that the concentrator is a “gift” or “donation” for my loved ones in India but i was still asked to obtain the prescription. Has someone encountered this exact situation ? If so how did you deal with it ?

I’m trying to send a new stationary 5 / 10 LPM oxygen concentrator.

I appreciate all the help I can get ??
Posted : May 15 15:56 PM
Shame on you Dr. Taking advantage of precious situation. Shame..
Bhakt 4.116
Bhakt 4.116
Posted : May 15 15:59 PM
Ask Bhartiya Temple Management or Canton temple Management or any other Religious place you go and see if they can help you.
Posted : May 15 17:24 PM
What shame i cannot just write it i have to see him and then write script or risk lisence time is money I am not his cha cha to just write it ?
DR 6.113
Bhakt 4.116
Posted : May 15 18:15 PM
That's correct to be fair. But you are not seeing a patient you are just relying on data provided to you. The best specialized doctors are not paid $180 less discounts. In this time you can ever think of charging. If you think he is trying to hoard dont give the certificate but if you believe it to be true and charging SHAME on you. You deserve ....... I cannot even think of your widest dreams.
Posted : May 16 05:06 AM
Bhakt if you have widest dreams i think u need to see a doctor i will only charge you $500
DR 8.160
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