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Akil Hamid 21.68
Posted : Mar 06 16:59 PM
Bangladesh crisis
Save 8 lives from execution . Sign this Petition and Share with your friends <br /><br />
Posted : Mar 06 17:39 PM
They are war criminals, they must be executed.
itsgood 73.87
Sri 7.115
Posted : Mar 06 22:06 PM
Funny attempt.<br /><br />What can White House do in this execution attempt? It is fast becoming a fashion to drag White House into every issues thru procession or petitions.<br /><br />The best joke of the century was a procession to White House/Capitol over Telengana issue last year.
Posted : Mar 07 09:00 AM
Akil is trying get whitehouse to support terrorism <br />smart move dude.
twisted 73.87
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