Sri Vidya Rahasyam the secret of Sri Vidya Kindle Edition
A book that can change your spiritual life.
Written by: Sri Satyanarayana Sarma Rupenaguntla

Sri Vidya Rahasyam is the essence of the Tantras, Vedas and the Upanishads which shows the reader a complete and unique path of Sadhana for Self and God realization. This ebook explains the core of 'Sri Vidya Upasana' making it an Upanishad in itself.

The book is a treasure trove for a sincere seeker who wants to follow the path of Sri Vidya which was passed on to humanity by ancient Sages and Rishis of India. It urges the reader to apply the Sadhana principles in practical life under the guidance of a competent Guru.

It leads the reader through the mystic path of ancient India and lands him in the lap of the Divine Mother and Father dispelling misconceptions and unfounded fears about the path.

The secret of Sri Vidya


Hidden meanings of Lalita Sahasranama


Vijnana Bhairava Tantra


The science of Yoga
according to
Lord Dattatreya


Sri Jabala Darsana
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The original version was written in Telugu as 1,400 poems.
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